New Year, New Blog, New Post!

We are excited to launch "This Common Life" blog, where we share our Venice Beach experiences! There is so much to see and do in and around our community, but sometimes it’s the small moments that matter the most, like, French Toast. Yup, French Toast. What can be more resolving for a New Year's resolution than going for some delicious French Toast on the first day of 2015?


Abbot Kinney was unusually quieter on this day, and we were able to park on the street just steps from Salt Air. We sat at a corner table, from where we got a fantastic view of almost the entire white-washed space of this bright, breezy restaurant. By the large window were a very good looking couple and their beautiful teenage daughter. What made them striking was not only they were easy on the eyes; they had no iPhones or iPads out! The three were actually talking and, at times, reading books. How I felt happy and refreshed!

  [Salt Air David Reiss and Chef Greg Daniels; Photo credit: ]

[Salt Air David Reiss and Chef Greg Daniels; Photo credit:]

Things at our table were exciting and refreshing, too. With all the holiday travels each of us  has just had- from Kenya, Scotland, Taiwan, to Lake Tahoe- we simply couldn't resist wowing and laughing while we shared all the amazing stories. What was interesting was that, in the midst of our invigorating travel reports, we unanimously felt like to eat French Toast.

Then, here it was, our luscious, crispy edged, creamy custard filling, melt right in the mouth, French Toast. The thick-cut slides were perfectly toasted to a golden brown color and so the rim was crunchy. One bite of the fluffy middle part and I fell in love with what seemed to be just two degrees shy of becoming a soft Brie or, a silky tofu. A man with a well groomed handlebar mustache looked over towards us. He seemed important in the restaurant so I waved at him. "This must be the best French Toast I've ever had," my voice was filled with excitement. He twisted his mustache with fingers, giving me a big smile, "I can't have enough of our French Toast myself!"

Good food plus great place plus gorgeous friends equal awesomeness. A equation even a mathematically challenged me figured out after the satisfying French Toast. So, Voilà, our new year was officially off to a great start!

What are your 2015's resolutions?

Saturday is for Play

Venice Beach really does have it all. But, sometimes a road trip up north is in order.

One of the best things to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon is to borrow  a convertible and drive up Highway 1 to Malibu. You can join a volleyball match on Will Rogers State Beach, watch the sunset from a private lifeguard station, or join the  surfers to catch some waves. It doesn't get more perfect than this. 

Bike vs Rollerblade


The bike path that connects Malibu with Venice, and Marina del Rey with Redondo beach is LA's best kept secret. Maybe it's no longer a secret, but renting rollerblades or bikes and hopping on the path is the best way to tour the beach towns. Afterall, the city is made for wheels. 

Venice Beach Staycation

Venice Beach offers a little bit of everything: the beach, the boardwalk, beautiful canals and plenty of nightlife. You can take in the scene with cultural offerings and entertainment or satisfy your craving for unique cuisine with many dining options. 

Or, you can stay in and celebrate the year-round weather while toasting s'mores in your own backyard.